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  • arch

  • cpus

  • endianness

    Returns a string identifying the endianness of the CPU for which the Deno binary was compiled. Possible values are 'BE' for big endian and 'LE' for little endian.

  • freemem

    Return free memory amount

  • getPriority

    Not yet implemented

  • homedir

    Returns the string path of the current user's home directory.

  • hostname

    Returns the host name of the operating system as a string.

  • loadavg

    Returns an array containing the 1, 5, and 15 minute load averages

  • networkInterfaces

    Not yet implemented

  • platform

    Returns the a string identifying the operating system platform. The value is set at compile time. Possible values are 'darwin', 'linux', and 'win32'.

  • release

    Returns the operating system as a string

  • setPriority

    Not yet implemented

  • tmpdir

    Returns the operating system's default directory for temporary files as a string.

  • totalmem

    Return total physical memory amount

  • type

    Returns operating system type (i.e. 'Windows_NT', 'Linux', 'Darwin')

  • uptime

    Not yet implemented

  • userInfo

    Not yet implemented