UNSTABLE: The unix socket transport is unstable as a new API yet to be vetted. The TCP transport is considered stable.

Connects to the hostname (default is "") and port on the named transport (default is "tcp"), and resolves to the connection (Conn).

const conn1 = await Deno.connect({ port: 80 });
const conn2 = await Deno.connect({ hostname: "", port: 80 });
const conn3 = await Deno.connect({ hostname: "[2001:db8::1]", port: 80 });
const conn4 = await Deno.connect({ hostname: "", port: 80, transport: "tcp" });
const conn5 = await Deno.connect({ path: "/foo/bar.sock", transport: "unix" });

Requires allow-net permission for "tcp" and allow-read for "unix".

function connect(options: ConnectOptions | UnixConnectOptions): Promise<Conn>;
connect(options: ConnectOptions | UnixConnectOptions): Promise<Conn>


options: ConnectOptions | UnixConnectOptions

§Return Type