doc.deno.land hosts documentation for TypeScript and ES module files available on the public internet that use ES module import syntax with URLs.

The source code is available on GitHub.

Adding a module to deno doc

doc.deno.land dynamically pulls a module from the specified URL and generates documentation for it when it is first viewed. You do not need to manually register a module on doc.deno.land to make it available.

doc.deno.land caches generated documentation for 24 hours. After this time the generated documentation is removed from the cache and the module is treated as if it had never been requested before.

Removing a module from deno doc

You can not manually remove modules from doc.deno.land as they expire automatically after 24 hours. If there is an urgent reason to remove a module from the cache, please reach out to one of the Deno maintainers on the Deno discord.


Below are examples of some snippets that you can use to link to doc.deno.land from your project website or README. Don't forget to replace the doc.deno.land url with the one for your module.

deno doc badge
<a href="https://doc.deno.land/https/deno.land/std/fs/mod.ts"><img src="https://doc.deno.land/badge.svg" alt="deno doc"></a>
[![deno doc](https://doc.deno.land/badge.svg)](https://doc.deno.land/https/deno.land/std/fs/mod.ts)


doc.deno.land currently has some limitations that you should be aware of:

  • The time to pull source files and generate documentation from these may not exceed 58 seconds. If you are running into a timeout issue because of this, please open an issue on GitHub with a link to the module that is timing out.


On our GitHub you can open an issue to share any ideas, feature requests, questions, or issues you are having. For general discussion about Deno or doc.deno.land, please use our Discord server.